About Us

We are an educational facility and sanctuary. We are NOT an avian rescue, therefore we regrettably cannot accept any birds as donations.

Jessie - Umbrella CockatooThe Friends of the Aviary is a wonderfully dedicated volunteer group in Hamilton Ontario, drawn from all walks of life, devoted to the preservation and advancement of the Aviary and the care of its birds.

Our Principle Aims Are:

  • To maintain a vibrant, healthy aviary exhibit, planned and managed in a practical fashion by volunteers, which will attract, educate and delight visitors, and be a source of pride for the City of Hamilton.
  • To use the Aviary and its birds as an educational tool to improve awareness of nature to the general public.
  • To educate volunteers in many aspects of the care of captive birds.
  • To educate the public in the many aspects of the care of captive birds, including the commitment required (many birds can live very long lives), food, housing, health, and social issues.

 What does the flock include?

The Aviary holds a mixed collection of birds. These include…

  • large parrots,
  • smaller parrots,
  • parakeets, (including common pet species, as well as rarer and more exotic)
  • peacocks
  • plus many species of finches and doves
  • pheasants
  • chickens
  • finches
  • occasionally we have soft-bill or waterfowl as special guest
  • we DO NOT have birds of prey

Open House:

The public is welcome to come view all birds, both indoor and outdoor, every Sunday from 1pm to 4pm.

Outdoor Flight Area Viewing:

Many of our birds including Macaws, Cockatiels, Finches and more may be viewed in our outdoor flight areas from 8am to 8pm, May 24th to October 15th.