Ways To Donate

If you wish to make an online donation to the Friends of the Aviary, please click the appropriate link/image below.

In Person

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Make a Donation

Make a Donation

The Hamilton Aviary is a non-profit charitable organization which continues its operations through the contributions and donations of the public. We like to acknowledge those who help out. Such as notable things being mentioned on our IN THE NEWS or UPCOMING EVENTS tabs. In the case of businesses we would be happy to link your websites to our website and FACEBOOK page. LINKS tab.

Canadian Tire Coupons

At Friends of the Aviary we also accept Canadian Tire Coupons as donation.  With these coupons we purchase bits & pieces for toy maintenance, tools for general maintenance, & cleaning supplies.  Your generosity is greatly appreciated!!!

We also accept donations made on the premises during tours and visits. If you would like to schedule a tour of the aviary, please see the contact us for more information.

At Friends of the Aviary, we also accept the following as donations…

  • Newspapers: We line the cage bottoms with newspapers (please exclude coloured print and flyers).
  • Rolls or roll ends of plain paper: (e.g. like those used to print newspapers).
  • Kitchen/cleaning supplies:  dish washing liquid, rubber gloves (latex & latex-free), dish sponges (with abrasive pads), scrubbing brushes, dish towels, cleaning vinegar, laundry detergent, dust pans & brushes.
  • Plants: that are safe for the birds:  (please see the “Reference Info” link for a list of safe plants).

Donate Today!

Donate Today!

Thank you in advance,

Your help is greatly appreciated!!!